Attention Parents of College-bound High School Sophomores and Juniors...

Discover Your Secret Weapon To Getting In To The Colleges You Love -- And Getting The 5 or 6-Figure Scholarship To Help You Pay For It....

Are you looking to get your student into first-class colleges? Wondering how to give your child the college education he or she deserves and still be able to retire? Want to enjoy this time with your student instead of feeling like the application - and money - police?

Dear “I’d literally do anything else than figure out what to do about college,”

  • Do you dread the thought of researching the ‘net for hours trying to figure out where to even start?
  • Are you intimidated by other people’s college admissions’ horror stories and feel you don’t know what to do to get a different result for your student?
  • Worried about your student getting in to a college but you ending up cash-poor paying for it?
  • Feeling so overwhelmed that you’re just procrastinating and putting things off hoping something will miraculously “save you?”

You’re not the only one.

Coaching1College planning is confusing.

It’s necessary because a college plan is an invaluable resource to help put your student on the path to future success. (You know, one where you get to have a retirement because you didn’t spend everything on college.) We hate planning because it’s become so important. We didn’t always need a college plan. We just picked a school or two, applied and that was pretty much it. We didn’t really need a plan ten, twenty, thirty years ago when we went to college.

But the college game has changed.

Gone are the days where you could just pick a school, apply, and get in. It’s too competitive and too costly.

College costs are out-of-control. Competition is psychotic. Students are stressed; parents are overworked and overwhelmed. Finding the time to figure out how to play and win today’s college game is tough. You’re drowning in information – sorting it all out is nearly impossible.

So, what do you do when you don’t know where to start? You procrastinate. You get distracted. Until you can’t wait any longer. And then you try to cram 18 months of effort into 6 weeks.

iStock_000005363862SmallHere’s the truth: no college is going to beat a path to your door (or, more accurately, to your couch) and say “Hey! Would you like to come to our school? And oh, here’s a $15,000 scholarship for you!”

Here’s what I know: 80% of families out there are procrastinating to some degree or another. And it’s a mistake that has costly consequences. When you’re scrambling to get things together at the last minute, you are going to make mistakes. You are going to make decisions without adequate information. You could end up settling for less. And college will ultimately be more expensive than it should be.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Most people get anxious and procrastinate not because it’s hard, but because they’ve never properly had to do one before. After all, the college game was a whole lot different ten, twenty, thirty years ago.

Once you learn the mechanics and strategies behind how a smart plan for college works (and if you get a step-by-step formula to literally walk you through the steps), the struggle and procrastination disappear.

That’s where I come in.

Jeanmarie Keller
I’m Jeanmarie Keller, founder of Keller College Services and creator of the SmartPlan For College System.  And since 2003, I’ve been showing families with college-bound high schoolers how to steer clear of the land mines in their college planning that end up hurting their chances to grab the attention of the admissions office.

As a former college and high school instructor, I witnessed first hand the disappointment when a student didn’t get in. I also witnessed the awful situation of a student getting in but then watching parents mortgage their financial security struggling to keep up with the out-of-control college costs.

I saw an opportunity to help students and their families do better.

In 2003, my 41 clients were accepted to 91% of the college to which they applied and their financial aid packages from the colleges were 67% higher than that year’s national average package, according to College Board (you know them, the group that runs the SATs). Fast forward to today – this past year my 47 clients were accepted to 92% of the colleges to which they applied and their financial aid packages from the colleges were 78% higher than the national average, as reported by College Board.

It’s all about getting more college while paying less.

Every year since then, my clients have gotten in to more colleges and gotten more scholarships and money to help pay the college bill. A system was born. The Smart Plan For College System, which is the very foundation of EVERY college plan we create.

Behind in My Junior Year Because It was Like This Big Mass of Information Coming Straight at Me

samantha2“I was pretty behind in my junior year. I didn’t look too much into colleges because it was like this big mass of information coming straight at me. So I really had no idea where to start. You really gave me a chance to find a starting point – that’s such a big thing. The templates, “cheat sheets,” and stuff really helped me get through the college process and into a great college with a $72,000 scholarship.  Not bad for a late starter!  And if they could help me, they can help others, too!”  ~ Samantha C from Baltimore, MD

  • If you dread the thought of researching the ‘net for hours just trying to figure out where to even start
  • If you’re intimidated by other people’s college admissions horror stories and feel you don’t know what to do to get a different result for your student.
  • If you’re feeling so overwhelmed that you’re just procrastinating and putting things off hoping something will miraculously save you.


You see, I’ve already identified the potential problems and mistakes that end up with your student not getting in to a college they love or with you sacrificing your savings, leveraging your retirement or living on rice and beans to pay the $100,000, $180,000 or even $250,000 that four years of college can cost today.

applicationVery quickly, I learned what works. I documented the strategies that worked, tossed the ones that didn’t. And I’m constantly refining them. To date, I’ve …

  • read (to date) over 137 books on college admissions, applications, essays, etc.
  • spoken with admissions counselors from over 500 colleges
  • kept up on the constant changes to financial aid (THOUSANDS of pages of rules, regulations, exemptions, trends — you name it)

Quite simply, my job is to learn the ins-and-outs of the college game as it’s played today so that my clients can WIN at the college game.

My job is to do exactly what you don’t have the time to do.


Take a moment and imagine…

  • Digital Image by Sean Locke Digital Planet Design www.digitalplanetdesign.comImagine getting EXCITED to go through the college process — excited to check out colleges (because you know what questions to ask to find those that have what you need)
  • Imagine being excited because you were taught the step-by-step way to create a solid college plan to follow (no scrambling and guess work for you)
  • Imagine being excited because you know exactly what to do and when to do it — leaving you with enough time to get it all done and still have fun senior year.
  • Imagine jumping up and down because you got the letter that says “Yes! We need you on our campus!”
  • Imagine the relief that comes when you find out there’s a scholarship attached to that acceptance offer.

Imagine no more.


welcome_finaidThis program is for those of you who want to reach important college goals, who want to spend valuable time actually getting things done instead of losing ground to your competition — all while keeping more of YOUR hard-earned money in YOUR pocket.

Just imagine how different your life will be in the fall of your senior year… Or, you can simply let this opportunity pass you by and be stuck in a complete and utter application melt-down as you try to get caught up and scramble to get your applications done at the last minute. You can spend time away from your family during the holidays as you scramble to get things done.

It’s up to you.

Now’s the time to prove that your student’s future is more valuable than quietly letting an opportunity like this to pass you by.

As A Single Mom…Free Time Does Not Exist! Jean Helped Me Help My Daughter!

“Jean and her Plan helped me TREMENDOUSLY… The whole college thing is just so confusing. If I had continued trying to figure it out on my own, my daughter would’ve been graduated and married by then! I’m busy raising my daughter, working full time – free time does not exist in my world. I needed a college plan for my specific circumstances – and you helped me create one!”  ~ Joanne Callanta


iStock_000005160590XSmallI’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. I know where you’ll make the mistakes – so I can actually help you avoid them before they happen. And I’ve put this information into the Smart Plan For College Quick Start.

When you enroll now, you’ll walk away with…

  • Momentum in your college planning so that you don’t end up missing critical deadlines that make college more expensive for you.
  • How to hone in on the EXACT colleges that have what you need academically, socially and financially (and quit wasting time on colleges that don’t have what you want or need).
  • A compelling admissions strategy that will make your ideal colleges say “YES – we need you on our campus!”
  • The Secret to making yourself stand out from among the thousands of others in the admissions office.
  • A bunch of simple, little behind-the scenes tips that will let you work smarter at reaching your college goals, not harder.
  • Five time saving techniques that will dramatically cut the time it takes to get this all done so you can still have fun senior year.
  • Get some structure in your college planning so that you spend time getting things done instead of losing ground to your competition.
  • Get more scholarships and aid than you will on your own so that you don’t have to pay one dollar more for college than is absolutely necessary.
  • What the colleges will expect you to pay so that you can start taking steps to keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.
  • Proven techniques you can apply right away so that you don’t have to re-invent the Smart Plan For College wheel on your own.
  • Knowing exactly what you need to do and start getting it done so that you don’t miss something important and give the colleges a reason to deny you a spot in the freshman class or money you’re entitled to.
  • The CONFIDENCE that comes with being PREPARED!


deadlineThe all-new and improved Smart Plan For College Quick Start is designed to take the stress out of creating a college plan by showing you exactly what you need to know to create one yourself.

This program deals with the annoying realities of college planning. Time. And, money.

You really don’t have the time to read over 137 books to get a sense of what colleges are looking for, what makes a good application, etc. You really don’t have time figure out what to even ask 500 college counselors much less to get in touch with them.

You don’t have the luxury of making mistakes. Because mistakes will cost you money. A lot of money.


Here’s why I created the Quick Start For The Smart Plan For College System.

rejectedWith college rejection rates rising, families are worried about making mistakes that get them kicked out of the application pile. With out-of-control college costs still increasing, family finances just can’t keep up. As families are looking to boost their chances to get in and get more scholarships and aid to help pay for college, business has really picked up. It’s awesome, but there isn’t enough of me to fit the demand.

One day a mom asked, “well, if you can’t work with us to get our daughter into college, could you at least TEACH me how to do it myself?”

And that’s when the Quick Start program was born. In it you’ll learn the strategies I use with my private coaching clients. It started out as a 10-week online course. It was successful, but I soon discovered that a lot of families didn’t want to take 10 weeks to create a plan. (Truth be told, you usually don’t think about a college “plan” until Spring of your Junior year and by then, you’ve already lost about 6 months of planning time — waiting another two months just isn’t practical).

Families want to know what to do and when to do it. If that sounds like you, you want to know what questions to ask, who to ask them of, what kinds of colleges you should be looking for, how to help your student put her best foot forward. What steps you’ll need to take to make sure you don’t leave ANY money on the table that can help you pay that college bill.

You also want to understand the basic principles so that you can support your student’s efforts to create the most powerful college applications possible.

Here’s something really important that I’ve realized: Finding, investigating, researching and applying to colleges is confusing. It becomes too costly to skip over essential steps or to do things randomly or without a structure to guide you.

So the sooner you start to understand the principles behind your college plan, and of course, have the structure a college plan provides, the better off you’ll be.


It’s time to step up and do it for yourself.

And the good news is I have figured it out FOR you.

The CONFIDENCE that comes with being PREPARED!

The Smart Plan For College Quickstart shows you the way to
WIN At The College Game
With Our 5 Core Steps To
Building A Smart Plan For College
You won’t find these anywhere else.


One thing I’ve learned in working with clients is that when you’re overwhelmed, you can’t take action. So, I didn’t want to leave anything to chance. Each session of the Smart Plan For College Quickstart is divided into manageable steps so you don’t get overwhelmed and take action quickly. The powerful Webinar Video Sessions will have you taking giant leaps forward but in completely manageable steps.


Smart Plan For College Quick Start’s 5 Step Curriculum

Click on each step to see the points being covered in that particular step’s curriculum.

[expand title=”Step One:
The Kickoff To The College Game ($297)” tag=”h2″]

We start here because your college goals are the core of your Smart Plan For College. So we start here so that you’re very clear on what you want which makes the rest of putting your plan together so much easier.

You’ll learn ..

  • What YOU want from college so you don’t end up taking SIX years to get it.
  • Exactly how to impress the colleges YOU want most – and blow your competition out of the water
  • How to connect the dots for the college admissions office so that they instantly see you belong on their campus (making it easy for them to say “yes”

[expand title=”Step Two: 
First and Ten: Moving Closer To The Goal” tag=”h2″]

This is the “secret sauce” and what sets a Smart Plan For College apart from what you get from the schools and financial aid nights. Knowing what to expect from the colleges is the essential key to boosting your scholarship and aid from the colleges YOU want MOST.

  • Why what the schools AREN’T telling you can hurt your pocketbook.
  • The Specific Formula that determines what the COLLEGES think you can pay – calculate this now so you don’t get blindsided by the bill later.
  • The 3 Words You Should NEVER Use With The Financial Aid Office –using any of these will end your chance for any help with the college bill.

[expand title=”Step Three:
 Play to Win: Pinpoint. Pursue. Prevail” tag=”h2″]

Now that we have your goals, we’re ready to focus on the colleges. We’ll develop the exact profile of the colleges that will offer what you want.

In this step you’ll…

  • Find out which colleges are looking for YOU right now
  • Learn the #1 key to avoiding the “big let-down” (this tip alone will save your student from massive disappointment)
  • Know how to get more college but pay less so you can protect yourself from outrageous loans and the threat to your retirement.

[expand title=”Step Four: 
Operation Application: Timing Equals Money” tag=”h2″]

This is where we pull things together so that you can put your best foot forward with the colleges. Knowing how and when to send your application not only can boost your profile in the college admissions office (making it easier to get in), it will also boost your scholarship potential.

This is where you’ll learn…

  • The 4 steps required to propel your application to the TOP of the pile in the admissions office
  • Exactly how to make “Early Decision” work for you (and when NOT to)
  • 3 reasons why the timing of your application can actually cause you to LOSE scholarships and aid

[expand title=”Step Five:
 Financial Aid 2.0: Hurdles and Hoops” tag=”h2″]

Getting into college is obviously pretty important. But getting in to a college but then paying more than you should for the bill is clearly NOT a Smart Plan For College. There are plenty of techniques you need to incorporate to squeeze every available dollar out of the colleges.

You’ll also learn…

  • 3 easy strategies for maximizing your financial aid at each college
  • The 5 biggest mistakes families make that kill their scholarship opportunity
  • The first thing you should do after your student chooses a college… this is CRITICAL. Many scholarships are lost because families don’t know this.

Here’s What You’ll Receive As A Member of the Quick Start Program
  • Access to the 5 steps of the curriculum with each step of the system divided into laser learning modules delivered online via video ($297 x 5 = $1,485 Value)


  • Tailored Worksheets, Templates and Step-by-Step Planning Sheets. ($397 value) These are designed to walk you through everything you need for a successful college game plan. These will save you HOURS of time.

  • Lifetime Access to the Smart Plan For College “Community” (priceless!) – a private forum to connect with other members of in the program



Would you like to find hidden money in your monthly budget for college? You’ll learn what you can do from Chris Miles, the Cash Flow Expert. On this bonus audio, you’ll get his number one tip for finding the money already in your budget that can help you pay for college without getting a second job or living on rice and beans to do it. ($97 value)


The next 2 to enroll in the Quick Start 2.0 will receive a FREE College Plan Makeover Session with Jean (we’ll send you all the info after you register) ($297 value)



If you’re ready to…

  • de-mystify the college planning process
  • overcome your procrastination
  • put your college plans on the fast-track with a structured step-by-step approach
  • create a plan using strategies that propel you to the top of the application pile
  • save money by avoiding many of the mistakes other families will make
  • get some structure in your college planning so that you spend your valuable time getting things done instead of losing ground to your competition

…then it’s time to join Smart Plan For College’s Quick Start and snag one of the limited spaces in this procrastination-ending program.


You helped us with our tendency to procrastinate…

From the very beginning, our daughter had some very definite ideas as to the type of colleges and programs interested her. We didn’t want to miss any opportunities for Lynea or our family and made the smart decision to invest in your program.

Although she always has been an excellent student, Lynea has a tendency to procrastinate and you provided enough motivation and inspiration to keep her on task. Your advice about specific colleges, how to narrow down her search and make informed decisions was extremely helpful.

For our part, your help with the financial aid process has been phenomenal. We are both self-employed and work out of our home and found the idea of paying for college daunting.

We know we wouldn’t have gotten these results without your plan.

Jesse and Pam Witczak

3rd Time’s a Charm:  Less Stress and More Money In Our Pocket!

We had already been through the college selection process two times before. Just helping our two oldest through the college admissions process had left us too weary to even apply for any financial aid – we left so much money on the table and as a result we didn’t have any financial aid to help with their college costs.

Working with Jean the third time around was a much more positive college experience. She kept us on a very workable schedule of deadlines for admissions and financial aid. Jean worked with our daughter to help her decide what colleges to apply to based on her interests and qualifications.

Throughout the process we felt we were on top of things instead of being overwhelmed by them.

Pat and Doreen C.


iStock_000007884959SmallIf you’re wondering whether or not it’s worth it to invest in this program, I have to ask you to think about how you value your student’s college education.  I’m serious.

Yes, you could try to do this completely all on your own — all the research that goes into figuring out what needs to be in your college plan, what is currently working that gets students into college, all the ins-and-outs of how financial aid really works, etc.  That’s at least 80 hours of work right there.  And then you’ll have to find the time to actually IMPLEMENT the plan.

You could try relying on the overworked counselors at your school, but traditionally they only spend 23% of their time during the school year (which is only 10 months long) helping students look for colleges (compared to me spending 100% of my time, for 12 months).

OR you can just enroll in the Quick Start 2.0 program.  And I’ll take you through each step of the process so that you end up with a plan for finding, investigating, applying to the colleges as well as strategies for getting money from them to keep college more affordable.


“Will I definitely get a scholarship following your plan?”

I can’t guarantee that, (I don’t even guarantee that for my individual coaching clients).

What I can guarantee is that I’ll teach you strategies that I’ve learned in helping over 500 families get noticed in the admissions office, get in to colleges they love and, yes, get scholarship money to help pay the bill.

Yes, you are making a financial investment.  But imagine for a moment that this investment were to help you save $32,000, $40,000 or even $75,000 over the four years your student goes to college (many scholarships offered by the colleges themselves are guaranteed for four years).

That’s money well spent in my book.

“Is there a guarantee of any kind?”

OK, here you go.  College is not a spectator sport.  It takes effort on your part.  But here’s what I can guarantee:  Buy the course.  Check it out.  Start putting the pieces together.  If you start implementing things and feel they’re not working, you’ve got 90 days to ask for a refund.  All you’ll have to do is spend 15 minutes with one of my team members to show us what strategies you implemented, what worksheets you completed and provide feedback as to why you feel they didn’t work so that we can make improvements for future members.  And then we’ll send you a check.


Let’s play that imagine game one more time.  I want you to imagine…

  • Loving couple having fun on the beachYou’ve created your college plan so now you have a structure to guide your actions instead of “reacting” to everything and scrambling at the last minute to get things done (no more “Oh crud.  I’ve gotta register for the SAT by tonight or else I’ll have to pay a late registration fee”)
  • You’re not worried about investigating colleges because you have tools at your disposal to figure out if they’re the right fit for you
  • You’re not worried about communicating your value with the colleges because you have your Sizzle Sheet to use as the basis for creating a really successful message to deliver
  • You submit your applications with confidence because you know the four steps that will propel your application to the top of the admissions pile — and keep it there.
  • You won’t miss a critical financial aid deadline and leave money on the table because you’ll have everything outlined on an easy-to-use worksheet.
  • You get to jump up and down with your student when he says “I got another acceptance today!!” and feel good that he doesn’t have to settle for less because there are not enough college acceptances to choose from.

That’s a Smart Plan For College

Take matters into your own hands and enroll in the Smart Plan For College Quick Start 2.0


Best of Both Worlds: Attending Her First Choice School And We’re Paying A LOT Less For College!

The financial aid process was important to us and here, our Smart Plan For College was outstanding.  Each step was critical.  Your program guided us through it all,– the internet searches. the applications, all the paper, dealing with our CPA, our concerns, etc.

This fall, our daughter will be attending her first choice college, supported by a generous amount (over $23,000 per year) of financial aid.

The Soifer Family


Sending Our Daughter To College And Paying Half Price

Dear Jean,

My daughter’s senior year of high school was especially stressful.  I can’t imagine what we would’ve done without your program.  Also, you are a very good intermediary to reduce the tension between parents and student.

If I could offer one piece of advice to families just beginning the college planning process, it would be to get a plan by working with Jean and her team at Keller College Services to help with the whole process.  It’s much more complicated than you might imagine.  Having a smart plan takes a lot of the stress out of the process.

Thanks again for all the help.

Jeff and Mary Angela Taylor

Final Words:

The Smart Plan For College gives you the essentials to get a “quick start” to building your college plan.  It’s based on what works and leaves out what doesn’t.  Having a plan in place is an essential starting point so that you don’t have to stress about what “college thing” you should be doing.

You don’t have to do it alone.  You’ve got an expert in your corner.

So, enroll in the Quick Start and I’ll walk you through this.


PS.  I know how overwhelming and even frustrating the college search, selection, application and funding process can be.  I know what it’s like for you to realize you need to get things going but not know where to begin.

And I know it’s difficult when you’re being told to do things but no one is taking the time to explain WHY you need to do them.  That’s why I do my best to make the college planning process as easy to understand as possible.  With real, usable and actionable advice that shows you a clear path.

With the Smart Plan For College QuickStart 2.0, I’ve given you a clear way of creating a successful college plan.  Included are many of the strategies I use to create plans for my coaching program members.  Short of having me do the actual planning for you, this is the best resource I have to offer you so that you can help your student get into a first-class college and make sure you don’t miss a step or a deadline which ends up with you missing-out on a scholarship or aid that you need to keep college more affordable.


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