What is in the Quick Start 2.0 Program?

Quick Start 2.0 is an online guided program designed to help families create a comprehensive college plan — a structure – you can follow through the college selection, investigation, application and financial aid phases of the college process. Every week for the 5 weeks of the program, we will cover a new module (topic) as well as playbook for each module with templates, worksheets and tools to help you implement the strategies covered in the webinar segments. You also receive lifetime access to an online community forum and will have access to your materials for six months.

Who’s it for?

Quick Start 2.0 is for the family who wants to get into first-rate colleges and not pay one dollar more than is absolutely necessary to make it happen so that they don’t sacrifice their retirement, go into insane amounts of debt or end up living on rice and beans to make it happen.  You realize you don’t have the time to figure out exactly what to do and then find even more time to spend getting it done.  The Quick Start gets you going quickly because we’ve figured it all out for you.  The program is designed so that you get your “big picture” college plan from start to finish set up so that you can just follow it.  No struggling with what to do… no procrastinating because you have no idea where to start.  Just follow your plan.

What will I get out of it?

You will learn how to figure out exactly what you want to accomplish as a result of going to college and how to articulate it to the colleges.  You’ll learn how to better position yourself so that you grab the attention of the college admissions office so that you can stand out from your competition (and blow them out of the water) at the colleges that are right for your particular situation — based on your college priorities.  You’ll know how to “close the deal” with the colleges when it comes to your applications and make sure that you don’t leave any education or money on the table due to overlooked steps or missed deadlines.  This program is PERFECT if you’re a parent that wants to coach your student through the process yourself OR if you and your student intend to work together as a team through the college process.

How long is the program?

The program is 5 weeks with a step delivered each week.  The material each week is broken down into 10 – 20 minute segments to keep you from being overwhelmed.  And you have access to the materials for six months so that you don’t have to feel in a rush to get each step done (although if you don’t let it collect dust and you set aside time each week to do the work, you will boost your results significantly).

What if I’m traveling?

As long as you have internet access, you can do this program.  The content is available to you completely online, for six months, 24/7 to view and work on at your pace and on your schedule.